How to Apply Fake Nails


If you are a woman, you will most probably be fascinated with long, colorful nails. Long nails are in fashion as they add to the beauty and glamour of a woman. But for women with weak and brittle nails, this dream is no longer a distant dream. These days use of fake nails has gained immense popularity and now you can flaunt long nails at a reasonable price.

However, you need to know the tips and tricks of effectively applying a fake nail so that its fakeness does not become too obvious. Given below are some ways by which you can become a part of the latest fashion of applying fake nails.

Before you begin applying fake nails, you need to do certain things with your original nails. First of all, remove all spots of nail polish from it by using a nail polish remover. Then, you need to cut them and file them properly.

Your original nails should be short with a smooth surface before any artificial nail is applied. Now, apply a mall dab of nail glue to your real nail and press the fake nail down on it for three to five seconds. This step needs to be performed for every nail until you have all your fake nails in place.

After you have successfully applied your fake nails, you can file them to remove all sharp edges. Also, color them according to your mood, attire and style. While you can color the nails after you have applied them, you can also color them prior to application. Choose the option which suits you the best. This simple and fast way of fake nail application can easily help people with weak nails to fulfill their dream of flaunting long, beautiful and stylish nails.


  • Groovy Chick

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