How to Apply Eyeliner

It is said that Eyes don’t lie and since eyes are the most expressive part of one’s body, one needs to take extra care of their health and beauty. We cannot think of the beautification of one’s eyes without the mentioning of eyeliners which play an important role in making your eyes speak for themselves. Eyeliners are the most subtle and effective way to enhance one’s appearance as they help in making one’s eyes stand out by defining and highlighting their shape. Eyeliners need to be applied according to the eyes and shape of one’s eyes and one does not necessarily need to run to a professional to get an eye makeup done.

Everyone has their own defining color of the eye and thus, one needs to choose eyeliners judiciously so that they complement your eye’s color. Eyeliners come in a variety of colors and those like brown, bronze and plums are best for light colored eyes. While black eyes can enhance their look with the black backdrop of eyeliners, green and blue-eyed people should opt for colors like silver and charcoal.

There are different kinds of eyeliners available like pencils, liquid eyeliners and even permanent ones. If one s using an eye pencil, then one must sharpen it properly before use. Eyeliners can be applied in different ways to achieve different and desired looks. For applying the eyeliner, one should begin at the inner corner of the eye. One should always be careful of using a light hand while applying eyeliner to prevent damage to the sensitive area around the eye. To achieve an intense and a dramatic look, one can apply the pencil above as well as below the lashes followed with black or dark grey liquid eyeliner at the top of eye. If one wants to provide one’s eyes with a smoky look, then one should start applying eyeliner starting from the inside corner of the eye to the outward. The eyeliner line in the middle of the eyelid should be kept a little thicker than that at the edges. After that one should take a piece of cotton damped with water to slightly smudge the eyeliner. This would help in providing your eyes with a smoky look.

One can use eyeliners to highlight and beautify one’s eyes along with using it in different ways to attain different and desired looks.