How stress affects your heart


Rush hour traffic, frustration, deadlines, pressures and sour relationships all are the part of our daily life. Certainly some amount of stress is needed to keep us on a motivated note but excessive pressure can really prove to be highly harmful for anybody’s health especially the heart.

Physical stress
brings on physical exertion, which puts demands on the heart. Physical stress is good for the heart till it is normal not beyond that. People who are already suffering from heart problems, stress can prove out to be real dangerous for them. Physical stress put demands on the heart muscles that the diseased coronary arteries cannot meet. This makes your heart become starved for oxygen causing angina or chest pain or a heart attack. Stress aggravates the situation of people who are predisposed to heart disease.

Mental stress is worse than physical stress as it adversely affects your cardiovascular system affects your heart’s health. Mental stress results in surges in heart rate and blood pressure.

Stress leads to a pounding heart and heavy breathing. Stress causes an adrenaline rush with negative emotions such as fear or anger. Do you know that chronic stress doubles the chances of heart risks? Stress reduces the flow of blood to your heart, thus increasing the risks of heart attacks. Even you will be sad to read that stressed people fail to respond not only to heart medications but also to angina or chest pain as compared to other patients.

Not only this stresses makes you worried, anxious and gives you palpitations. It makes you suffer from frequent headaches and back pain problem. Stress leads to sleeping troubles and in extreme cases can result in insomnia. So make sure you take out some quality time fro your bust life and get yourself involve into some stress reduction program and stress management techniques to lessen the strain on your heart.

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