How one can get rid of brown spots faster


facailskincare Asses the cause

First step is to asses that, what is the reason behind such dark brown spots on the skin? They generally appear at the skin of face or neck or arms. The reason behind such spots is the UV rays of sunlight or the aging effect.

So that such spots create sunspots. Because of the fact that the UV damage comes up over a period of time, skin spots can be related to the aging effect and can also create the lever spots.


When you go into the hot sun light protect your self from the hot sun rays which create negative effects like wrinkles and others. Use the sunscreen which is intended to protect the skin of the face which is really sensitive.

Check out that the facial sunscreen lotions are formulated in a way, which doesn’t create clogging facial pores.

One of the examples is Regenerist UV Defense, Regenerated lotion, which contains anti aging property which helps to fade away the brown spots and decrease the wrinkles. Such lotions are available either at the medical stores or at the online stores.

Natural Methods

You can use pure lemon juice to dab on skin blemishes. Lemon juice contains the natural acids, which help to fade sun spots.

Though, this natural skin care is relatively slow, but it makes sure that it naturally removes the spots without touching the man made chemicals.

Exfoliating Facial Scrub

The exfoliating facial scrub will help in deep cleansing the skin and it will remove the upper layer cells of dead skin. This method reveals the newer and non blemished skin.

It can also help to speed up the removal and help in fading away brown skin spots as well as sun spots and lever spots.

Anti aging skin creams

Use some amount of anti aging skin cream and apply it at the problem skin areas.

There are some chemicals in some products which help to speed up the skin’s natural turn over rate which potentially helps to fade away the skin spots and fade away blemishes.

You can find such anti aging creams at departmental stores around you or finally, the best source is internet stores.

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