Homemade Makeup Removers

Just as important is makeup for the overall look and appearance of a person, makeup removers are equally essential to maintain the natural health and hygiene of the skin. Many a times people suffer from the problem of skin blemishes or irritation after the removal of makeup. While majority blame the products used for the application of makeup, the truth remains that many skin related problems can be caused by the wrong methods which one uses for the removal of their makeup. Thus, people with sensitive skin can try out the use of some natural and homemade makeup removers which along with being hygienic, do not lead to any sort of skin related problem.

A simple homemade makeup remover involves the application of milk or plain yogurt to the face with a cotton ball. Then one should properly rinse the face preferably with lukewarm water to effectively remove all makeup and impurities from the face along with helping the skin to remain soft and supple. One can also take a tablespoonful of raw milk in a bowl and add a small pinch of turmeric powder and a few drops of lemon juice to it. This mixture should be applied on the face and neck with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it on the skin for few minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water. This would help in cleansing the pores along with removing the dirt and make up from the skin. The agents in turmeric and lemon also reduce the blemishes from the skin.

Just like face removers, there are homemade makeup removers for eyes too. It has been found that applying olive oil to the areas around the eye with the help of cotton ball can be an effective natural way to remove eye makeup along with leading to the conditioning of the lashes. One can then remove the excess oil from the face and eyes by using warm and damp washcloth. Another natural eye makeup remover can be made by taking 1 tbsp castor oil, 1 tbsp light olive oil and 2 tbsp canola oil and blending all of them together. This mixture should be applied to the eye area with the help of a tissue or cotton ball to effectively remove the makeup.