Homely remedies for dandruff

Are you tired and irritated of hiding those white flakes on your hair scalp that often fall on your pretty sexy dresses? Did you ever think that you can get rid of this dandruff through homely remedies too? Now you do not have to buy those extremely expensive shampoos or go for those costly treatments at parlors, just try these homely remedies to get the best results.

Using fenugreek seeds for dandruff treatment:
Take two tbsp of fenugreek seeds and soak them into water over nightly. Next morning ground them into fine paste. Apply this paste all over your scalp and left for half an hour. Afterwards, Wash your hair thoroughly with soap- nut also called as ritha solution. Trust me; your dandruff will go off within few applications.

Using lime for dandruff treatment:
The use of a tsp of fresh lime for the last rinse, while washing your hair, is another useful remedy for getting rid of dandruff. The lime application not only helps in preventing dandruff, it also removes stickiness and leaving you hair glowing.

Using green gram powder for getting rid of dandruff:

Wash your hair twice a week with two tbsp of green gram powder, which can be easily bought from local market. But before applying, make sure to mix the powder with half cup of curd. Believe me, this is an effective way to get rid of dandruff problem.

Using curd with lime juice:
Applying half a cup curd with a lemon juice greatly helps in treating dandruff. Make sure to apply this mixture once a week for early treatment of dandruff. Later wash it off with water.

Hopefully, the above homely remedies that involve your kitchen stuff help you in getting rid of your dandruff problem without much spending on your part.

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