Home Treatments for High Fever


highfever Fever is a common problem, but one which brings with it a lot of discomfort and even pain. Fever occurs when our body tries to fight unwanted organisms and foreign bodies.

Given below are some simple natural treatments that can be performed at home to get relief from high fever.

Fever can be of varying magnitude, as some have it low while some have high fever. Whatever be the magnitude of your fever, you must have plenty of water and fluids.

This is because fever often leads to dehydration and thus it is extremely important to keep your body well hydrated.

It is said that when a person suffers from high fever, you should place a slice of raw onion below his feet and then keep the feet warm by wrapping it in a blanket. This simple step helps in naturally lowering down the body’s temperature.

When a person suffers from high fever, he can also experience other symptoms like nausea, vomiting and even convulsions and blackouts. Thus, it is necessary to take immediate steps to lower down a person’s fever.

Applying a cold cloth on the affected person’s forehead can help. You can also apply potato slices on forehead which have been soaked in vinegar for about 10 minutes.

Having hot tea with tulsi leaves in it can provide relief. Similarly, you can also make an effective drink at home by adding mustard seeds to a cup of warm water and steeping it for 5 minutes. Drinking such drinks can provide natural relief from fever.

Along with the above given tips, you must take care of your diet. Though it is true that a person down with fever does not like to eat anything, you must still ensure that something is eaten to avoid weakness and fatigue.

In addition, to naturally prevent and treat fever, you need to boost up the immune system and that can be achieved by having a Vitamin C rich diet.

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