Home Remedy for Body Rashes

Body rashes can be irritating as well as painful and are characterized by inflammation on the surface of the skin. They are generally associated with an itching or a burning sensation and are also often referred as prickly heat. Body rashes are more common during summers and are caused due to the blocking of the ducts in the body which forces sweat to dribble into the skin causing an itching and a burning sensation. Body rashes can also be formed due to allergic reaction to some cream or to some food item. By following certain natural and home made methods, one can free oneself from the irritation caused by body rashes.

Olive oil acts as a natural healing element which helps in the effective riddance from body rashes. One can apply few drops of olive oil directly on the rash and one can also apply a mixture of olive oil and water on the affected area to get immediate relief. In addition, Aloe Vera gel, cod liver oil and vitamin E are helpful in combating the problem of body rash. Taking an oatmeal bath helps in relieving inflammation and itching which is associated with this problem. One can take an oatmeal bath by putting a cup of uncooked oatmeal into the bathwater. Another way of reducing inflammation is by soaking a cotton cloth in calcium water and then applying it on the affected area.

Along with some external treatments, one can also get rid of the problem of body rashes by consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin C. this is because vitamin C has antioxidant properties which aids in the faster healing of body rashes. Moreover, one should avoid taking some food items which can cause allergy to a person as body rashes are also an indication of an allergic reaction to the body.

Body rashes can cause great pain and irritation and thus one should take adequate steps to get rid of it. It is always advisable to keep the affected area open without any bandaging as air, freshness and ventilation can help in the faster healing of body rashes. Moreover, one should wear loose fighting clothes in summers especially to prevent the body from getting itchy and sticky as that can lead to the formation of body rashes.

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