Home Remedies For White Patches On Skin

White Patches On Skin

White Patches On Skin

Having white patches on skin is a skin problem medically termed as leucoderma. When our skin losses some melanin content, it leads to formation of white spots and patches. These patches occur commonly on neck, back and hands but can occur on any part of the body. The exact cause of such white skin patches is still unknown but according to medical science, a number of factors can be linked to it like stress-both emotional and physical, hereditary factors and it can also be caused by worms in the body.

After having understood the meaning and causes of white skin patches, let’s look at some natural ways of treating it. Since stress can aggravate this problem, you need to relax and de-stress yourself.

Eating figs and walnuts can help in naturally getting rid of white spots and patches from the skin. Additionally, you should have a well balanced diet and particularly increase your intake of iron rich foods like cereals and green leafy vegetables.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Apart from the above given generic remedies, there are also certain specific remedies that can be made to naturally treat the problem of white patches. Turmeric or haldi and neem leaves are known to have natural healing and disinfecting powers.

Neem Leaves

You can add turmeric in water and then boil it. Strain the liquid and then add little mustard oil to it. After you have prepared this mixture, apply it on the affected areas. Along with above given turmeric mixture for external application, there are also certain natural herbs and spices whose intake can provide natural relief from the problem of white patches.


For example, have ginger juice to stimulate your blood flow and you can also consume mixed juice of alfalfa and cucumber early in the morning. Having butter milk also helps.

Ginger Juice

Follow the above given home remedies to naturally treat the problem of white skin spots and patches.


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