Home Remedies for Sunburn: Oatmeal Bath


A bad case of sunburn that can leave you with dark, peeling skin along with painful blisters is something that most of us have experienced at some or the other point of our lives. Whether it is after lying on the beach for hours or spending time in a tanning booth, these first degree burns can cause significant amount of pain and discomfort. Moreover the skin becomes swollen and red because of the burn.

One of the best ways to treat a bad case of sunburn and ease the pain is by use of home remedies like oatmeal bath. Soaking the affected areas in this cool bath helps to ease the stinging pain caused by the sunburn rashes while also treating the other symptoms as well.

Oatmeal refers to ground oats that are used not just for food products like cookies, porridge and cakes but also finds it use in a number of cosmetic and skin products as well. This is because of its beneficial properties that allow irritated skin to be soothed and the essential oils in the skin to be retained. People suffering from skin conditions like eczema, chicken pox and shingles can greatly benefit from the oatmeal bath as it relieves the itching associated with these diseases.

Making an oatmeal bath to cure the sunburn symptoms is very simple. All you need to do is blend a cup full of oats in a mixer or a food processor to get the fine oatmeal powder. Now fill a tub with warm water and add the oatmeal to it. Mix with your hands to ensure that no clumps are formed and then soak the affected parts in water for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Use a soft towel to pat dry your skin rather than vigorously rubbing it. If done regularly, the relaxing remedy eases the pain and the itching associated with sunburn healing.

In addition to this you can also mix the oatmeal with egg whites and apply on the affected areas to soothe the burned skin. While this cooling home remedy can help deal with the sunburn problems, it is best to avoid long hours of exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun. If you are stepping out during the day then make sure that you apply sunscreen and wear sun protective clothing. This will help keep the harsh symptoms of sunburn at bay.

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Parul Solanki