Home Remedies for Nose Bleed


You must have noticed many people, including children, suffering from the problem of nose bleeds. It is a very common problem as the nose lining contains various tiny blood vessels which tend to bleed easily. This can occur due to various factors like injury to the nose, infection of the mucous membrane, dryness, cold, nose picking and also a sudden impact or blow to the nose can lead to nose bleeding. Given below are some home remedies which can help you get immediate relief from the problem of nose bleeds.

Lemon juice is quite an effective cure for nose bleeds. All you need to do is to put a drop or two of lemon juice in the affected nose area to stop bleeding. Usually, this immediately cures the problem. However, if bleeding still continues for long, it is advisable to get it checked form a doctor. Usually, it is said that before you try out any home remedy or cure, you should blow your nose forcefully to blow out any clot from the nose. Also sit straight whenever you have a nose bleed so as to prevent the blood from running into your throat. Holding an ice pack alongside the nose area is one of the easiest and safest home remedy for nose bleeds. This is so as ice pack helps in constricting the blood vessels of the nose which in turn lessens bleeding. If you have the problem of nose bleeds due to dryness, then salt water can be an ideal home remedy for you. Put a pinch of salt      in water and spray the saline water in your nose. You can also use good air humidifiers to prevent dryness. It is also advisable to get your blood pressure checked as hypertensive people are more prone to nose bleeds than others.

Follow these simple home remedies for effective cure.

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