Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcer

Remedies For Mouth Ulcer

Remedies For Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcers are open sores in the mouth which can occur on the inner surface of the cheek, lips, tongue and even at the base of the gums. They are usually accompanied by a sharp pain during eating and in extreme cases, they make it difficult for a person to eat or drink anything. Mouth ulcers are usually a result of high intake of spicy or acidic food, viral infection and can also occur due to adeficiency of vitamin B2 in the body. Given below are certain home remedies by which you can naturally treat the problem of mouth ulcer.

If the ulcers in your mouth are giving you pain, then you should gargle with the water of adulsa to get instant relief. You can also try gargling regularly with Listerine. Also, gargling alternatively with hot and cold water can prove beneficial. Intake of mulberry juice or tomato juice also provides relief from mouth ulcers.

Tomato Juice

To naturally cure mouth ulcer, you should indulge in a daily intake of banana with curd in the morning. An effective remedy involves mixing a pinch of turmeric powder to 1 teaspoon glycerin and applying this solution on ulcers. It has also been found that application of any toothpaste on the area can help in providing quick relief from mouth ulcers.

Intake Banana

When you are suffering from mouth ulcers, you should stop intake of hot and spicy food. You should also cut down on caffeine and tea. Moreover, also consume green vegetables in your diet to protect yourself from ulcers. Similarly, papaya should be eaten when you are suffering from mouth ulcers as it soothes the ulcers along with helping in their fast recovery. Follow these simple natural methods to naturally prevent and treat the problem of mouth ulcers.

Avoid Spicy Food