Home Remedies For Irritated Nose

Irritated Nose

Irritated Nose

Having an irritated and an itchy nose is quite discomforting. Irritated nose in turn can be caused by a number of factors like dryness, onset of cold, and even due to sensitivity to dust and pollution. This article will provide you some simple home remedies that can help you naturally deal with the problem of irritated nose.

To treat the problem of irritated nose, you must know its cause. For instance, if your irritated nose is a result of dryness, then you can use a steamer to naturally overcome this problem.

Usually, it has been found that dry weather conditions or excessive blowing of nose often leads to the drying up of the skin near the nose, leading to irritation and discomfort. Inhaling steam provides relief in such circumstances as it helps in naturally moisturizing the skin of your nose.

Excessive Blowing of Nose

You should also use a humidifier if you are living in dry conditions as that helps in preventing drying up of skin. Also, drink plenty of fluids to keep your body and skin naturally moisturized. Cold and a running nose are other causes of irritated nose. This is because cold leads to frequent blowing of nose which in turn leads to the problem of irritated nose.

Cold And Running nose

Treating your cold can help in preventing the condition from worsening. Thus, you must drink hot liquids, take adequate rest and reduce stress and tension from your life to naturally prevent and treat the problem of cold and running nose.

Nasal Passage

You can also use salt water to clear away your nasal passage. In addition, applying a warm pack or even a cold pack on and around the nose can provide relief to an irritated nose. Thus, follow the above given tips to naturally treat the problem of irritated nose.


  • Riddhi Chakraborty

    My father is suffering from an irritation in nose.This results to sweating of the body.He is timid type of person and panicking .X-ray of nose has been done.The reports are fine, only slight deposition of mucus.

    Kindly send a remedy, at your earliest.