Home Remedies For Irregular Periods

Remedies For Irregular Periods

Remedies For Irregular Periods

Many women are tensed and troubled by their irregular menstruation problems which can be heavy, prolonged, frequent or delayed periods. Irregular periods can also be accompanied by problems like headaches, abdominal pain, fatigue and even back pain.

Diet, stress, hormonal changes, and use of birth control pills are some of the causes of irregular periods. Given below are some natural ways by which you can prevent and treat this common problem amongst women.

Since stress is a major reason behind irregular periods, you must try meditation and relaxation techniques to keep yourself stress and worry free.

Also, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to overcome the problem of irregular periods. You should avoid having hot, spicy and junk food as they have been found to disturb your menstrual cycle.

Avoid Junk Food

Instead, have a healthy and a nutritious diet and you should ensure that your diet consists of protein and iron rich food items. Along with these basic preventive measures, given below are some home remedies that can be used to treat the problem of irregular periods.

Protein Rich Food

If you are suffering from the problem of irregular periods, then carrot juice can help you out. Have this juice for about 3 to 4 months and you will be able to naturally regularize your periods.

Carrot Juice

You can also have a raw carrot. Grape juice too is beneficial.  We all have heard about the various benefits of fenugreek seeds. They are also helpful for menstruation related problems. Similarly, fennel seeds can provide relief from menstrual problems.

Fenugreek Seeds

If you are suffering from the problem of delayed periods, then green unripe papaya can help you out. Another effective way of normalizing periods consists of taking the roots of fig, boiling them and consuming its filtered decoction. Thus, follow the above given tips to naturally treat the problem of irregular periods.


  • dipti Purohit

    i am 21 yrs old my periods is irregular. plz tell me home tips for regular periods.