Home Remedies for Hot Flashes


hotflasheswomen Many women approaching their menopause have a fear of hot flashes. Hot flashes refer to a sudden flush of heat in certain areas of the body, followed by excessive sweating and cold chills.

This is quite a discomforting feeling which women usually experience during their menopausal age. There are also many women who experience such symptoms about 5 to 6 years before their menopause.

It is thus necessary to find some natural ways by which one can get rid of the problem of hot flashes.

While hot flash is a symptom of menopause, it can also lead to various other problems like breathlessness, palpitation, and fatigue amongst others. While there are hormonal replacement therapies to treat this problem, having a natural remedy is always a better and a safer option. Read below and find out some simple home remedies for hot flashes.

First of all, you must try to find out the trigger that leads to hot flashes. There are many triggers of hot flashes like spicy food, alcohol, caffeine or a hot room. Whatever be the cause, find it and remove it.

Since hot flashes imply fluctuations in body temperature, it is important that you normalize your body temperature through adequate intake of water. Similarly, you can also have cool herbal teas.

Soy foods have a reputation of being women friendly. This is because soy foods contain phytoestrogens which in turn help in providing natural relief from hot flashes.

Changing what you wear can help in providing relief from hot flashes. If you suffer from hot flashes, you should wear loose and comfortable cotton clothes. Avoid synthetic fibers. In addition, you can also try meditation and deep breathing exercises to naturally calm yourself.

Along with the above given tips, you must also ensure that you exercise daily as that will help you remain naturally healthy and fit.

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  • With all the new reports that hormone replacement is linked to more and more cancers its no wonder that women are looking for natural relief. Plus, many of these remedies were used by generations before modern medicine and they seemed to work just fine.