Home Remedies for Headache


headacheremedies Nearly every human being will experience a headache at some time during their life. Generally, a headache results from some change in the smooth muscles of the arteries and veins that supply blood to the cranium. Headaches also result from irritation of cranial nerves.

There are two kinds of headaches: primary and secondary. A primary headache occurs on its own, unconnected to any other condition. A secondary headache accompanies some other pathological condition of the body.

In addition, headaches can come in groups, which is referred to as a “cluster headache”, or from daily tensions, known as “stress headaches.” One of the most severe and puzzling primary headache types is the migraine.

Migraine headaches can be so severe that they disrupt a patient’s daily life. Migraines are characterized by severe, throbbing pain, with nausea and sometimes vomiting,sensitivity to light and visualization of an “aura,” and sensitivity to noise. Women tend to have more migraines than men.

Many factors can cause a headache, such as certain allergens, eyestrain, high-pitched noises, a hangover or high blood pressure. Home remedies for headaches can relieve many of the most common causes and symptoms.

Place a hot-water bottle over the abdomen at bedtime for headaches resulting from gastric disturbances and indigestion. Gargle hot water to open the nasal passages and relieve sore throats for headaches caused by colds or the flu.

Make a warm poultice with ginger and apply to the forehead. Eat an apple in the morning to relieve headaches. Consume watermelon juice to ease a headache caused by heat.

Eat a mixture of cuscus grass and watermelon ground together. Massage the forehead with rosemary oil to relieve a headache. Consume brewer’s yeast daily to relieve headaches caused by an iron deficiency.

Make a paste of sandalwood powder and apply to the head. Take vitamin C to ease a headache caused by any infection. Amla, or Indian gooseberry, has an abundance of vitamin C.

Drink Tulsi (holy basil) tea to ease a stress headache. Avoid constipation, which can cause headaches from the buildup of toxins in the body. Avoid excessive consumption of coffee, tea and spicy or fatty foods to stop headaches.

Yoga exercises such as ardhchakra asana, vajra asana and shashank asana are effective for relieving headaches. Deep breathing and pranayam are also good for relieving headaches.

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