Home Remedies for Gallstones


As the name suggests, gallstones are stones in the gallbladder which can vary from a small size of a grain to becoming as big as a golf ball. When the bile stored in the gallbladder contain excess cholesterol, bile salts or bilirium, the chances of stone formation increases. People with gallstones generally display symptoms like constant pain in the upper abdomen; indigestion problems; acidity; feelings of nausea and vomiting; yellowing of skin color; and also dark colored urine. If you are a woman, you are at a greater risk due to multiple pregnancies, obesity crisis, hormone imbalances and speedy weight loss problems. Given below are some natural ways by which the problem of gallstones can be treated.

It has been found that having apples and citrus food can help in treating the problem of gallstones as such fruits contain pectin which helps fight this problem. You can use a herb called Quebra Pedra in the form of a tea to get relief from gallstones. Take two teaspoons of this herb in 500ml of water. In addition, there are certain ways by which you can prevent yourself from getting this problem. These include drinking plenty of water to prevent stone formation. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water and even more as excessive water intake wont harm. Cut down on your carbohydrate intake and completely stay away from junk food as they not only increase your chance of gallstone, but also affect your overall health. Moreover, it is said that drinking coffee regularly can help prevent gallstones. Retain a healthy diet and also include nuts in your diet which contain unsaturated fats. Last but not the least, keep yourself fit through regular exercises.

Follow these simple tips and naturally prevent and treat the problem of gallstones.

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