Home Remedies For Dry Heaves

Dry Heaves

Dry Heaves

There are times when you experience an involuntary urge to vomit even after you have thrown up whatever you had in your stomach. This feeling is very discomforting and leads to uneasiness and to a sense of helplessness. The situation wherein the person involuntarily attempts to vomit is medically termed as dry heaves or retching and it automatically subsides after some time.

However, there are times when dry heaves continue to trouble you for a long time. This article will provide some simple home remedies that can help you to naturally deal with the problem of dry heaves.

The problem of dry heaves accompanies nausea which in turn can be caused by factors like food poisoning, indigestion, metabolic disturbances and motion sickness amongst others.

Food Poisoning

Since vomiting causes a loss of fluids and vital salts from the body, you should try to rehydrate your body through intake of water and fluids. However, don’t gulp down a glass of water at one go. Instead, take small sips at regular intervals as that will help in providing relief from the problem of nausea and dry heaves.


Dry heaves can also be caused due to an empty stomach or due to anxiety and stress. You should thus avoid skipping your breakfasts and also practice de-stressing techniques to effectively manage your stress and anxiety. When suffering from dry heaves, try to calm yourself down as that will aid in subsiding your uneasy feelings. Along with the sensation of throwing up, dry heaves also leads to other symptoms like a dry mouth and throat, restlessness, stomach ache, and palpitations amongst others. If the symptoms do not subside by themselves, then you must consult a doctor.

Stress and Anxiety

Pregnant women are also vulnerable to the problem of dry heaves. As a precautionary step, pregnant women should have light and frequent meals so that they neither keep their stomachs empty for a long time nor overstuff themselves. In addition, pregnant women should also keep themselves away from odors and smells that can trigger nausea and dry heaves.

Trigger Nausea

Follow the above given home remedies to effectively deal with the problem of dry heaves.