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Remedies For Drowsiness

Remedies For Drowsiness

Do you often feel drowsy even at day time and are unable to remain fresh and energetic? There are various reasons that can lead to a person feeling drowsy and this article will highlight some causes and ways by which you can naturally re-energize yourself and overcome your drowsy and lethargic feeling.

If you wake up in the morning with a lethargic feeling, then probably you have not had a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep is a major cause of drowsiness and thus you must ensure that you get adequate sound sleep for a healthy and an energetic mind and body.

An eight hours sleep is considered as optimum and you must ensure that despite burning the midnight oil if required, you somehow compensate for your lost sleep. In case you are feeling drowsy and lethargic, you can take a quick nap, even 15-20 minutes one, to find yourself fresher and less drowsy. Also, de-stress yourself so that your sleep is not disrupted due to tension and anxiety.

Tension and Anxiety

Just like sleep is necessary for rejuvenation of your mind and body, you require a proper well balanced diet with essential nutrients to naturally ward off the problem of drowsiness. It has been found that low fat protein food items like yogurt and lean meat can help in warding off drowsiness. Similarly, avoid carbohydrates and instead have fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also have a fresh fruit juice as that helps in re-energizing the body.

Fruits and Vegetable

To keep yourself fresh, you can splash cold water on your face. In addition, keep yourself fit with regular exercise as that helps in keeping you fresh and less drowsy. Also get yourself checked for some medical problems like hypothyroidism as that can lead to the body becoming lethargic.

Regular Exercise

Follow the above given tips to naturally deal with the problem of drowsiness.


  • Kushal Borah

    I have been a serious heart patient with a re-do open heart surgery for replacement of Aortic and Mittral Valves in 2007.I ve been also diabetic,Asthmatic and Hyper tensive.Also possess some gastric problems.For the last 1 year I have been experiencing day sleepness and drowsiness and melancholiness.Please tell reasons and remedies.
    Kushal Bora,