Home Remedies for Diaper Rashes


diaperrash Does you small baby cry a lot and often feels irritated and cranky? If yes, then you should check your child’s bottom for any signs of diaper rash.

Many babies suffer from diaper rashes which are nothing but inflammation and reddening of the baby’s skin, especially bottoms, where the diaper or nappies are tied.

This is usually a result of your child staying in wet diapers for a long time, which in turn makes your child’s skin susceptible to bacteria attack which eventually leads to rashes.

Other conditions like wet and humid conditions, irritating cloth or material of diapers and even certain kinds of skin allergies can contribute to this problem.

Diaper rashes can be extremely discomforting and painful for your baby. As a parent, you’ll hate to see tears and discomfort in your child’s eyes.

Here are some effective home remedies and some basic preventive measures that can help your child easily get rid of diaper rashes.

First of all, don’t keep your child in diapers all the time. This is because doing so makes the child’s bottoms wet and humid, thereby making it vulnerable for bacterial infections.

You should always allow the baby’s bottom to get air and remain dry. Most importantly, frequently change your baby’s diapers and ensure they are not wet. Your baby’s bottoms need to be kept dry and hygienic for preventing diaper rashes.

When you go out shopping for diapers, ensure you buy good quality ones which are soft and comfortable and devoid of any irritant material that can trigger allergies and rashes on your baby’s skin.

Also, powder the area and keep it dry. Washing the area with dilute vinegar is also an effective home remedy.

Along with the above given basic measures, there is a new medical study which states that diet too can prevent and treat the problem of diaper rash.

Since you will be breastfeeding your child, you should restrict intake vitamin C products in your diet for some time as they can trigger the problem of diaper rash in your child.

Thus follow the above given tips to naturally provide your child relief from the problem of diaper rash.

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