Home Remedies for Cracked and Dry Lips

Dry and cracked lips can not only look ugly, but can also lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. Dry lips are characterized by dried, rough, peeled and red lips which may bleed and pain. Overexposure to cold or sunny conditions, infections, allergic reactions to cosmetics, dehydration and deficiency of Vitamin A, B and C can all lead to the condition of dry and chapped lips. There are various natural and home made remedies which can be used to cure the problem of dry lips.

It has been found that applying cucumber slices on lips can help a great deal in solving the problem of cracked lips. Moreover, applying Aloe Vera gel or neem extracts on lips can help in the prevention as well as cure of dry lips. Taking a saline bath can also prove beneficial for many people. Cracked lips are basically an indication of lack of moisture in one’s body. Hence, hydration of body through intake of water is an important way of ensuring the healthy conditions of one’s lips. One can also humidify one’s room during winters to prevent dryness related problems. If one’s lips feel dry despite of water intake, one can try applying cool wet cloth to hydrate them. Moreover, the moisture in the skin can be sealed with the help of a lip balm. Many people tend to lick their lips in an attempt to hydrate them. However, licking does not moisturize one’s lips but instead leads to more chapping and damage.

A proper diet consisting of essential minerals and vitamins plays an important role in maintaining the health of one’s lips. Vitamin A helps in the repairing of skin and thus one should increase one’s intake of carrots, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables to prevent chapping of lips. By using simple and natural methods, one can ensure the health of one’s lips and can prevent it from cracking and drying.

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