10 Home Remedies For Bronchitis in Children

Remedies for Bronchitis in Children

Remedies for Bronchitis in Children

There are quite a number of health problems that one has to face in one’s lives from time to time. Yet there are many of the illnesses that cannot be categorized according to gender or age group and is common and prevalent among all. Among this category of health crisis, falls Bronchitis which is quite a disease not only among adults but also among infants and children.

In simple terms if we try and define the condition of bronchitis, it is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes. One of the symptoms of bronchitis is severe cough that brings along mucus from the throat. Mucus is a slimy substance that you can feel in the throat and is accompanied by other signs like discomfort, problems in breathing, pains in the chest and fever.

Pains in the Chest And Fever

You might also find a wheezing sound whenever you breathe. There are two types of bronchitis- acute and chronic.Now talking about the treatment process of bronchitis in children, once it has been detected successfully is what rings a bell in the mind. Medicines are not always a safe and effective idea especially when it comes to our children.

The side effects that medicines have are something we would not want our children to go through. Neither are they 100 percent safe on the body. It is always a much better idea to opt for grandma’s recipes also known as home remedies and natural treatments. To help you create awareness about the most well-researched natural treatments for bronchitis in children, here is a simple guide. Check out all the tips and cures and choose the one that best suits you and your child.

How To Treat Bronchitis In Children Naturally

Spinach Soup Wonders

One of the top most remedies to treat bronchitis in children is to adhere to spinach soup in their daily diet. You can add a little pepper and ginger to this soup for maximum benefits on curing the cough and mucus.

Spinach Soup Wonders

Make sure that the soup is lukewarm as it will relieve the throat from pain and blockage as well. Keep on repeating this everyday till the problem completely subsides. Prepare it at home to keep the hygiene levels up and avoid adding cream and other fatty items like butter or else it might have adverse effects on the bronchitis.

Honey, Almonds And Poppy Seeds Combo

Make a smooth paste of almonds with honey and some poppy seeds and give it to your child everyday with a glass of milk before they go off to sleep. It is a very well-researched treatment that has been provided by professionals for bronchitis in children.

Honey, Almonds

As a dual benefit, this remedy will also provide for good health for the brain and the memory. This means you can follow the process on a daily basis even after the child is treated from the severe cough and pain in the chest.

Encourage Yoga

Make sure you encourage yoga positions in children and make them follow it on a daily basis. Not only will it help them strengthen their immune system and get freedom from bronchitis but also keep them healthy internally and active physically. Yoga is one of the exercising methods that have loads of benefits in store for the body, mind and soul.

Encourage Yoga

Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds

For children’s bronchitis you can easily extract the benefits that fenugreek seeds have to offer. To prepare the perfect remedy for them you need to take some seeds and boil it in a cup of water with some fresh ginger. To this liquid you can add a bit of honey for good taste and also to trigger the treatment process.

Fenugreek Seeds

Make sure that when the child consumes this health liquid, it is lukewarm in nature. It will help in treating the cough along with all the other symptoms of the disease. Following the method for a week will give you satisfying results.

Mustard Benefits

Mustard mixed in warm water can be used to apply on the chest of the child for instant relief from blockage and congestion. It is yet another very effectual natural remedy that you can use when treating bronchitis in children without any hassle and problems of after effects.


Chicken Soup And Its Advantages

For the non-vegetarians, one of the most delicious ways to get over such an ugly frame of disease is to prepare some clear chicken soup at home with flavors of ginger and garlic. This should be fed to the child when in the lukewarm state which will help you bring the illness at a tolerable and subtle level.

Chicken Soup

Herein, chicken stock can also be freshly prepared for your child with ginger and pepper to open up the chest congestion and also treat the pain and reduce the mucus coughs gradually.

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Give Them Fresh Air

A good way to keep bronchitis and its symptoms under control is to take in fresh air from time to time. You can take the child for a walk to the nearest park once everyday till you gain some control over the problem. This can be done either very early in the morning or else in the evening depending upon your suitability.

Give Them Fresh Air

Use Turmeric Powder

To treat bronchitis in children, turmeric powder can be of real help. A teaspoon of the same can be given with warm milk before going off to sleep. The anti-inflammatory properties of the natural product will help you treat the illness. This can be repeated several times a day for maximum benefits. However, it works best when taken on an empty stomach.

Turmeric Powder

Coconut Oil and Camphor

A little camphor can be mixed in warm coconut oil and applied on the child’s chest and other affected areas. This medicated oil is known to work wonders in treating the blockages and the pain caused in the chest due to this crisis. It also helps in gradual treatment of bronchitis from its roots.

Coconut Oil

A Little Onion Juice

Fresh onion juice acts as an expectorant in the conditions of bronchitis and is a safe remedy. However, it should only be given once to children and that too in very small amounts.

Onion Juice