Home Remedies for Ankle Pain


anklepain Pain in ankle or ankle sprain is a common problem suffered by many people. Applying excessive pressure on your feet, sudden stretching of ligament or spraining of leg can lead to ankle pain. Given below are some natural remedies that can help you get rid of ankle pain.

If you are suffering from ankle pain, then you must find out the cause for it to effectively treat it. For instance, if your ankle pain is because of excessive straining of ankle due to prolonged standing, wearing of wrong footwear or due to application of excessive pressure on the ankle, then you must use cold compression.

Applying cold compression can help in getting rid of ankle swelling and the pain caused due to it. Similarly, you can also put your feet in a bucket of cold water to get relief from inflammation and ankle pain.

If you have ankle swelling, then you must try to lift your leg as that will help in reducing inflammation. Also, reduce your salt intake to avoid fluid retention to prevent ankle swelling and pain. In addition, increase your intake of fluids and have plenty of water.

If you are pregnant, then there are chances of your having swelling in your legs and ankles. An oil massage of the ankle and feet region can help. You can use coconut oil for this purpose.

In addition, it has said that drinking a natural drink made by mixing half teaspoon of molasses and half teaspoon of saunf in a glass of boiling water can help pregnant women in reducing their ankle swelling and pain.

If your ankle pain is because of a sprain, then you must put a bandage on the affected area and avoid putting too much pressure on it.

Follow the above given remedies to natural get rid of ankle pain and discomfort.

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