Hiring dresses for big occasions


Undoubtedly wedding season is incomplete without elaborate arrangements, family get-togethers, expensive clothing etc. but with the economy in turmoil. People are doing all they can do to cut down on their spending. People are now opening up to the idea of hiring dresses for the big occasions. Mostly it’s the younger sibling of the bride and the bridegroom who are making the most of this trend.

The trend of hiring dresses existed in Mumbai and Delhi earlier but has now picked up more recently across the country. Sherwanis and other designer outfits are rated out as Rs1100 to Rs 500 depending on the dress, whereas their actual cost goes up to Rs 22000. But the best part of this trend is that you can select your dress from variety of designs and fits and that too at low price. Isn’t that great guys?

As the people want to flaunt their best look in designer wear on special occasions, there is a growing market for these rental dresses. You can see large number of designer sherwanis, embroidered kurtas, blazers, and ghagras besides puneri pagdi and puneri joda.

People love wearing ethnic stuff like kurtas or sherwanis during weddings, especially if it’s a close relative who is getting married. Such occasions are far and few in between. Also, one need not necessarily spend exorbitantly for one-time wear when the same can be had on rent. After the wedding, the traditional outfit adorns the wardrobe and one has to wait for an occasion to wear them again. And more often than not, it becomes a boring repetition. So hiring dresses on rent is the best way to look best on special occasions.

With weddings around the corner even during recession time, there’s no reason for you to get worried about your best designer outfit when style on rent is easily available.