Here’s How To Fix Your Crooked Teeth

crooked teeth

Have you ever noticed that the people with the perfect smile are more acceptable in the society? Have you ever realized that those who have uniformly shaped teeth are able to speak more clearly in their interviews or public speaking? Have you gone through out of a blue headache while your crooked teeth are paining?

Believe it or not, but straighten teeth plays a vital role for our practical as well as virtual healthy living. Consequently, this article would walk you through the basics of the available teeth alignment methods to serve the purpose.

Traditional Metal Braces

The foremost orthodontic treatment is the metal braces that we used to observe since ages. These are the braces made up by the robust blend of the nickel, steel and like wise. The peculiarity about their structure is the lynching wings on them around which the orthodontic ties take place on the surface of the teeth. They might be elastic ties and could be in the various colors. Conventional materials and strong system makes it the most affordable amongst all the orthodontic braces.

The darker effect of these braces reside in the myth that it is for kids only and if you are no more a youngster it is not worth doing. Therefore, they have not gained much popularity among the adults as it evils their aesthetic appeal in the society. On the other hand, apart from being a matter of visual call, dental braces are equally important for the grown ups as per the orthodontics. This is because of the obvious reason that the evenly aligned teeth would give you the faultless bite that will help the digestion.

Lingual Braces

Keeping all the consequences of the customary metal braces in mind, the dentistry has come up with an innovative method called lingual braces. They are similar to the conventional braces with the little difference that they are attached to the back side of the teeth. This makes them absolutely non evident. Lingual orthodontics is specially catered for the adults to make sure that they are getting braces to gain the straight teeth even without letting anyone identify about the conduct.

However, in the initial stage it would be difficult to get used to with them and your tongue may sore for two to three weeks. Also, the cost of braces in this case with comparison to the usual one would be much higher and to find a dentist who has hands on practice for this is also crucial.

Clear Braces

With the purpose of resolving these loopholes, clear braces could be of assistance. These transparent or clear braces are made up by the plastic or ceramic along with the clear ties instead of the colored ones. Here, the semblance of the braces color which is naturally harmonized with the teeth would reduce the effect of the existence of these orthodontic appliances. However, this glass like material has fragile molecular structure which makes it delicate to wear, time consuming to work fruitfully and hassle when you wish to remove it.

Smart Clip Braces

Now, when it comes to the strength, color and potential to carry the braces to get rid of the uneven teeth, there is yet another option to fulfill the motto. They are called smart clip braces. It is fairly a current choice of the orthodontics and being prepared with the help of computer design. They are the clips made by the mixture of the nickel and titanium alloy to be fitted into the teeth. They are small metal clips to hold the arch wire into the bracket offered in stainless steel.

They are much better than ceramic braces at the same time, giving the flexibility to restore the shape, beauty and the function of your teeth can be achieved. In case of availing this option, do not forget to ask how much do braces cost to the specialist to make sure that you are getting braces with the ease of your pocket. Nevertheless, whatever technique we offer, the fact would remain same that braces adults are not the words that go hand in hand with each other.


In order to come out of this shortcoming, dentists and orthodontists are using invisaligns. Thanks to the hi-tech progression, it has removed all the trouble of carrying the braces on teeth all the time. It is a clear, detachable teeth aligner made by the plastic. Hence, these invisible braces would not harm your appearance. They are not made up by too strong or too fragile materials. At the same time, they could be removed while eating. Yet, you may keep them while drinking water to be specific.

Apart from being a convenient dental treatment, this might not be the one for each of us. This is for the reason that it is not effective to straightening teeth for those who have dreadfully crowded, spaced or rotated teeth crisis. Even the dentist or orthodontist may not suggest them for the severe cases in which jaw surgery; amputation or palate extensions are needed. At the top of it, if you do not have suitable dental insurance, the company would not be very likely to finance the same for you.


In this scenario, lumineers could be the option. This technique is used by the orthodontists in place of veneers. Lumineers are the ultra thin chips to be fixed on the surface of the teeth without drilling your original teeth. As a result, it makes the procedure completely trouble-free. Also, as there is no need to carve the surface, the requirement to take various shots in order to prepare the substitute would be eliminated. This also results into the reduced number of visits to the dentist because now you have the ready fragment mapped in the first shot.

After all, they are one step ahead with the scientific encroachment because of the sole grounds that even if they could be permanent or removable, there is a room to undo the course of action. The usage of the curing light which places them on the plane of the teeth lends a hand to make them reversible in nature. Gratefully, there is no requirement of orthodontic retainers or teeth retainers like we do conventionally before and after braces. Nonetheless, it is advisable to know the price of braces if that is a possible option before going for lumineers.

There is no doubt that these are the proven treatments available in the dental clinics these days to amend curved teeth. Still, do keep in mind that the licensed practitioner dentist would be the best person to diagnose the condition for the appropriate remedy.

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