Henna for Hair

Henna is a herbal treatment for hair which has been followed since centuries. As against the number of coloring dyes available in markets, henna is a natural and an herbal coloring agent for the hair. It has great curative as well as cosmetic benefits and thus it is any day better than the artificial dyes available in markets which have a threat of chemical reactions. To know further about the various beneficial aspects of henna, just read below.

You must have seen women who apply henna have soft, lustrous hair which shines with health. Along with helping in naturally coloring your hair by strengthening and nourishing the hair pigment, henna also acts as a natural conditioner which strengthens the roots of hair and provides it with a natural shine. It is for this reason that many young girls, who do not have grey or white hair, use henna for strengthening and conditioning of hair. Henna has also been found beneficial for falling hair and for those with dandruff. It stimulates blood circulation and helps in turning white pigments of hair to brown. Moreover, it is also a natural way of removing excess oil from scalp along with helping in removal of headaches and scalp tension.

To effectively use henna for natural coloring of hair, just follow the given tips. First of all, remember to use protective plastic gloves so that the color does not discolor your hands. After applying henna paste on hair, you need to allow it to settle on your hair for a couple of hours to gain the desired colored effect. The duration of time depends upon your hair type. It can range from 40 minutes to almost 8 hours and the time is entirely dependent upon the time in which your hair gets colored. Important tip- remember to effectively rinse your hair properly so that you attain that natural color as well as that shine and luster.

Follow these simple tips and naturally enjoy the herbal and natural benefits of henna.

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