Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Many of us tend to associate heart problems only with men. However the truth lies that women are more vulnerable to heart related problems than their male counterparts. However, since women do not realize the symptoms of heart attack as men do, they rarely seek for treatment. While the most common symptom of heart attack is discomfort and pain in the chest area, this symptom is not that prominent for women. While women face symptoms like pain in neck and shoulder, nausea, sweating and dizziness, they generally dismiss these symptoms without paying any serious attention to them. It is due to this lack of attention that heart attacks are becoming the leading cause of death in women over the age of 65. Thus, one needs to first bring about a change in perception as women too face the risk of heart problems due to their excess household as well as professional stress and responsibilities.

While heart attack is a heart attack, it may bring about different symptoms in men and women due to their different biological constitution. It has been found that instead of pain in chest, women generally tend to have pain in their shoulders or between their shoulder blades. In addition, they are more likely to face symptoms like nausea or vomiting along with a feeling of an upset stomach. However, one cannot classify these symptoms as typically “women symptoms” as some men too can face such problems and conversely, some women too can have severe chest in pain.

Women generally dismiss heart related symptoms in the name of acidity or indigestion. However, one should not take risk with one’s life and if importance can be given to men’s health, then women too deserve to take care of their health and well-being as they form the main lifeline of a house.

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