Healthy street food

Wondering if street food is healthy too? Yes it can be! In the present scenario where everybody wants to be slim, feeding yourself with street food can make it a tough to acquire that fitness figure. The tempting aloo-tikkis, raj kachoris and chaatwallas around allures you deeply and madly with their mouth watering dishes and spicy masalas. But mind it, there some street foods that can keep you healthy. Some of them are listed below:

Fruit chaat:
Fresh fruits chaats that are available and served with black pepper and lemon slice makes very good option for those who are weight conscious. These people can enjoy the different flavors of fruits which are served with spicy touch. Trust me this non-oily chaat is much better than taking vitamin supplements in your diet for fitness. You don’t have to roam around for fruit chaatwallas; they are available in almost all the markets.

Sprouted dal:
Sprouted dal forms a rich source of vitamin E and fibers. They make a perfect food for having healthy nails and hair. Mind it, sprouted dals seasoned with spices and lemons is a great hit for those who love and crave for tangy street delights.

Corns and bhuttas form the best street snack for calorie caretakers. Weight watchers can feed themselves with different varieties of corns as they come with no guilt baggage of oil or cream. You can have corns as per your choice –roasted or steamed. Just the way you like! Steamed corns are loved by the yuppie kids. These steamed corns are packed in paper cups and seasoned with butter and cheese. While adults who are calorie conscious can feed themselves with roadside roasted bhuttas which are rubbed with lemon and black pepper.

Boiled eggs:
You can also find mouth watering recipes of eggs in the market. If you want you can go for omelets and other egg recipes but if you fall under those weight watchers categories, boiled egg can be a good choice for you.

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