Healthy Secret Behind Dark Chocolates


Chocolates are something we all cherish. However, you must have often heard from your parents to quit having chocolates as they are high in calories, can lead to tooth decay and can also pose some health ailments. How would you feel when you come to know that your favorite chocolates can be healthy and can actually promote the health of your heart? Surprised!!! But it’s actually true. However, the chocolates beneficial for your health are the ones which are dark in color.

According to research, cocoa flavonoids found in dark chocolates have a range of beneficial effects on the blood and circulatory system of the body. They cut down the risk of dangerous blood clots and relax the blood vessels thereby stimulating the flow of blood around the body. Study also suggests that eating dark chocolates can keep blood pressure at bay along with helping in reducing the risk of diabetes and even heart attack and strokes. The cocoa present in these help in boosting the elasticity of blood cells, thereby cutting down the risk of high blood pressure, blood clots, strokes and heart disease. The beneficial healthy effects of dark chocolates are derived from its flavonoids, which are absent in white ones. Thus, the darker the chocolate, the healthier it is. Thus, it can be easily said that eating dark chocolates help in enhancing the overall health of a person, especially heart health.

Dark chocolates thus provide great taste with health benefits. What else can one ask for? Moreover, they also stimulate endorphin production which gives a feeling of pressure. Though there is no denying the fact that dark chocolates are good for health, they should be taken in moderate quantity and not hogged at. After all, every thing has a limit and even if a good thing is stretched beyond its limit, it transforms into bad effect. Thus, cherish the taste and flavor of chocolates, not to forget dark ones, but do so by following the golden rule of moderation.

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