Healthy Nuts

The new studies have found out that eating nuts is a healthy habit as it can aid in the overall well being of a person. Always considered as something trifle and unhealthy, nuts have redefined themselves in a new and positive way with many health benefits being associated with them. Though it is true that they are high in fat and calories, eating them in moderate quantities can help in the enhancement of one’s health. Nuts are particularly being considered as healthy and hearty nuts due to their positive effects on the cardiovascular functioning of the body. This claim is based on scientific research which claims that eating nuts can be associated with lower heart diseases. Given below are some nutritional and health benefits of certain nuts whose consumption can make you healthy and happy.

Cashew Nut: Rich in protein, fat, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B; cashew nuts has various health advantages. Its richness in vitamin B makes it beneficial for nervous ailments and indigestion; and its high content of iron makes it helpful for anemic people.

Peanut: Peanuts are no longer trifle in their benefits as they help in slowing down the rise in blood sugar and insulin along with helping in controlling cholesterol in the body. However, do not eat them in excess because they are high in fat and protein content.

Walnut: Walnut oil is mostly unsaturated and thus helps in lowering blood cholesterol. It is rich in nutrients like iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium and even calcium and vitamin B. it has been found that walnut oil can be used to cure skin infections like eczema.

Coconut: Considered to be an almost complete food, coconut is rich in almost all minerals and nutrients thereby providing body with various nutritional advantages.

Looking at so many important benefits of nuts, one should not discard them as useless, unhealthy or as something trifle. Eating them in right quantity would ensure in the enhancement of one’s overall health and happiness.

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