Healthy Diet Plan

Healthy Diet Plan

Good health is an important aspect of   our life. We all strive towards achieving a great body and mind which is possible  with a healthy and balanced diet.We all definitely need to make few lifestyle changes  in terms of diet and inculcate healthy eating habits in your daily life.

Choose a diet low in calories but rich in all the nutrients. Which will help you in not only in fat loss but also in muscle  gain and you will get a fit and lean body minus all the extra fab.

First thing in the morning you should drink 2 cups of green tea. Break fast should be taken within 1 hour of your waking up.Breakfast should be high in proteins and carbohydrates. Ideally you should be eating oats cooked in water and only 2 table spoons of skimmed milk added to it- minus sugar. Any fruit of your choice and 6 almonds.

If you feel hungry in between eat a apple or 10 pishtachios.Drink plenty of water to keep you skin supple and healthy .Lunch should be a bowl of cooked vegetables/ bowl of green salad laong with grilled fish or chicken along with whole grain bread. Evening snack should be restricted to 1 cup of green tea and wholegrain biscuits.

Dinner should be very light but packed with nutients and vitamins as its going to be the last meal of the day. Drink a glass of red wine . Bowl of salad, grilled chicken or fish. Avoid red meat at any cost as it might lead to hypertension and also increases your stress level.If you have a  very active sweet tooth , have sweets in the afternoon an hour after your lunchAvoid any kind of chocolates in the night.Avoid junk food for next few months till you   achieve a ideal weight.After that eat it once in while and don’t binge.

Along with  a well balanced  diet exercise and meditation also plays an important role. Remember your diet is directly propotional to the physical work you do. Hence consult your dietitian who will also chalk out a ideal diet plan keeping in mind your age, your physical work and eating habits

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