Healthy and tasty chutneys


tomatochutney Hey people, here are some healthy and lip-smacking chutneys for you all! Just read their preparation written below and try once in your kitchen cabinets.

Amla chutney

2 kg amla pulp, 100 gm ginger, 100 gm mint, 50 gm black pepper, 50 gm cardamom, 50 gm white jeera, 10 gm daalchini, 10 cloves, salt and chilly to taste


Add mint leaves to the amla pulp and blend them well in a blender to make a nice paste. Add salt and chilies and mix well.

Make a nice paste of all the seasonings separately in another blender- cloves, ginger, daalchini, black pepper and jeera.

Add them together with the above amla paste.

Pour all of them in big container and mix well.

Your amla chutney is ready.

Carrot chutney

1 kg carrots, 200 gm vinegar, 200 gm powdered sugar, coriander powder, salt and chilies to taste, pinch of hing

Wash the carrots nicely, peel them and grate them.

Heat the vinegar in the pan on low flame and add sugar to it. When sugar gets dissolved in vinegar, add the grated carrots with salt. Cook till carrots get soft. Add all the other seasonings.

Cook till a good chutney like paste gets prepared.

Pour into clean container and serve.

Tomato chutney

1 kg tomatoes, 50 gm red chilies, 10 cloves, 20 garlic cloves, 6-7 ginger pieces, 40 gm salt, 200 gm sugar, 6-7 lemon juice, 100 gm oil

Wash the tomatoes and then chop them into small pieces.

Chop ginger and garlic too into small pieces. Cook them together on heat with water.

Heat some oil or ghee in another pan and sauté some hing. Add this to the above chutney.

Use it after 1-2 hours of preparation.

Your tasty tomato chutney is ready to eat.

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