Health Risks of Obesity


If you think that the bulging mass of fat in your belly, thighs, arms or anywhere are nothing except beauty-hampering, you are sadly mistaken. Not only does obesity devoid you the pleasure of looking smart and fit, it also puts you in a risk of various diseases. You might say obesity is not a disease, but it is definitely a trigger for various serious ailments. Heart diseases, diabetes, liver disorders, and respiratory ailments-all these are associated with obesity. Due to the various health-hampering factors of obesity, it is now considered as an ailment in itself- something which can disrupt the healthy life of a person.

The next time you think of picking up a cheese burger, just go through these various disorders that burger could bring with it. After all, it can add loads of fats and calories to your body, making you obese and finally risking your health. The most common and the most dangerous problem associated with obesity is that of hypertension and cardiovascular disorders. Majority of people with heart ailments are those who are overweight or obese. Obesity is associated with high triglycerides and decreased HDL cholesterol which in turn increases the risk of heart attack, congestive heart failure, sudden cardiac death, angina pain and not to forget- hypertension. Strokes, type 2 diabetes and even kidney disorders are associated with weight problem. Obesity also increases your risk to some types of cancer like endometrial, colon, gall bladder, prostate, kidney and post-menstrual breast cancer. Respiratory disorders are very common I obese people, especially obstructive sleep apnea, which can also lead to fatal consequences. Don’t think that being chubby and fat means being healthy. On the contrary, it is an indication of approaching ailments. Your muscles and bones become weak and you become more prone to the problem of arthritis. In addition to various health disorders, obesity also affects the emotional and social life of a person by inducing feelings of alienation, low self-esteem, isolation and even depression.

Since obesity poses various health risks, you need to keep your weight under check so as to remain healthy and fit.

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