Health Drawbacks of Fried Food


Do you relish eating fried food items like pakoras, French fries, cutlets, kebabs and others? If yes, then you need to first look at the various health drawbacks of these items instead of just eating them. While there is no denying the fact that deep frying food items like potatoes, eggs, chicken, fish and others adds to the taste value of such items, you can also not turn a blind eye towards its bleak side. This article intends to throw light on the ill effects of fried foods.

You must have often heard that if you want to reduce weight and look fit, then you need to absolutely turn away from food items. Ever wondered why such medical advice is often given to overweight people? This is because frying food leads to accumulation of fats and calories in the body along with leading to increase in the level of bad cholesterol. Thus, it not only contributes to your weight gain, but also leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Frying food simply implies adding layers of fat in them. Foods like potatoes and chicken which already have some fat content to them get added layers of fat when fried and thus the end product is one which is tasty but unhealthy. The main drawback of fried foods is that they lead to increased risk of heart attacks and strokes due to accumulation of unnecessary saturated fat and cholesterol. Not to forget, they make the person overweight, leading to other obesity related problems.

After having looked at the drawbacks of fried food, one should try to reduce their intake. It’s not necessary that you completely have to say no to them; you can have them with less frequency and also opt for cooking methods that use little oil.

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  • redian

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Read Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. A good reading to understand more about fats. More literatures available to reveal about this.