Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

People generally don’t include sweet potatoes in their list of healthy foods due to its high starch content which can lead to weight gain. However, it has been found that sweet potato or yam is in fact a very healthy food item which contains numerous nutrients which are required to prevent the body from various ailments. They have a rich content of vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorous and other nutrients which are required by a person to stay healthy and fit.

One of the best health benefits of consuming sweet potatoes is that they are high in fiber and are thus beneficial for the prevention and treatment of the problem of constipation. Moreover they are easy to digest and they have a soothing effect on one’s stomach and intestines. Since they contain high concentration of iron and calcium, they are excellent for blood purification and low blood pressure. Moreover, they are also good for diabetic patients because sweet potatoes help in stabilizing blood sugar levels. They are natural sources of inhibitors which help diabetic patients to manage their sugar levels by ensuring better insulin absorption in the blood. In addition, the nutrients present in this plant help in ensuring proper blood flow and helps in treating people with blood and bone disorders.

Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamins like A and C which are powerful antioxidants which help in removing free radicals from the body that could lead to various health problems. Moreover, they act as immunity boosters and also help in curing external and internal inflammations due to their ant-inflammatory property. Moreover, they are also beneficial for curing various kinds of cancers, mainly those of colon, intestine, kidney and other internal organs. The health benefits of this plant are numerous as they also aid in the health of arteries and veins along with helping a person to get rid of some bad addictions like smoking and drinking. In short, Sweet potatoes are full with high nutritious value which provides overall health and protection to the body.

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  • Joseph Suter

    I have been eating sweet potato as part of my diet and wondered if it had any negative effects?

  • Patty Martinez

    is the juice of sweet potatoes more beneficial than the cooked version of it?

  • Krishna

    I came to know that Sweet potatoes stabilize blood sugar level. Should it be taken raw or cooked or baked? Pls advise.