Health Benefits of Sharon

Health Benefits of Sharon

Health Benefits of Sharon

Hey all you fruit lovers, if you are thinking about some magical fruit that can relive you from the problem of hypertension, then your search for it is over now. You all will be glad to read that a bright orange and overgrown tomato like fruit known as Sharon offers you with number of health benefits. You can easily find this imported fruit from Israel at your neighbor fruit vendor itself. This tough skinned fruit is very sweet in taste when gets fully ripped. Sharon is also known as persimmon and ram phal by people.

Sharon is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and beta carotene. Not only is the pulp of the Sharon fruit loaded with health benefits but also its peel to. Isn’t that wonderful! Both pulp as well as peel of Sharon is rich in fiber content. not only this, saucy Sharon are great source of nutrients like sodium, magnesium, potassium, manganese , iron etc. it has number of minerals as you can read it. So make sure you incorporate this nutritious fruit in your diet without any if or but.

Maintain Blood Pressure

You will be happy to read that this pulpy fruit lubricates your body lungs in a great way. This fruit, if eaten on regular basis relieves you from diarrhea. It also effectively treats hypertension. So all those people who are suffering from the problem of blood pressure should definitely include ram phal in their daily diet. It also treats cough with mucous in a great way. Not only this, ram phal also detoxifies your body.

You can eat Sharon just like apples with or without skin, add to your fruit salads or use them while preparing puddings. Hey the bottom line is that do eat Sharon in your diet in whichever form you like and keep yourself hale and hearty.

Add to Your Fruit Salads


  • I have recently tried Sharon fruit but I noticed after a few days in the fridge it was benining to turn black. Was I storing it wrongly or had it gone off ?

  • Tina

    You don’t store sharon fruit in the fridge.
    Store it at room temperature. In your fruit bowl.
    And then enjoy!

  • herodus

    Eating fruit from israel, chemically ripened. The name originally came from the Sharon Plain in Israel.

    Don’t need more toxins

  • chirag patel

    how will i get this fruit in india or the usa (california)

  • micky boy

    i buy 4 at a time ,they are big as an orange an delicous
    i am hoping they help my night cramps and high blood pressure