Health Benefits Of Orange

Benefits Of Orange

Benefits Of Orange

We all know that oranges are a rich source of vitamin C which is essential for the overall health of a person. Moreover, they also contain various important nutrients which make it a healthy and a nutritious fruit. To add on to it, it is usually liked by a majority of people of all age groups. Given below are some health benefits of orange which will convince you to eat oranges if you are a non-eater and for those who love oranges, it’s an added delight.

Oranges are a rich source of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Moreover, it contains beta carotene which is an important antioxidant which safeguards our body from a variety of ailments. We all know the importance of calcium for the formation of strong and healthy bones. This important calcium can be provided to the body via intake of oranges.

Strong Bones

Further, oranges provide folic acid for the proper development and functioning of the brain. The magnesium present in oranges helps in keeping one’s blood pressure under control and the potassium content of orange ensures that one has a healthy cardiovascular system. Also, potassium provided through oranges help in maintaining electrolyte balance of cells.

Blood Pressure Under Control

Along with being a nutritional fruit, orange provides various health benefits as it is beneficial for people suffering from asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, kidney stone and rheumatism amongst others. Additionally, it also helps in preventing diabetes and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, thereby keeping the health of one’s heart in check.

Prevent Asthma

It has also been found that people who are alcoholic with a constant craving for liquor can reduce their liquor desire through o Along with providing numerous benefits to your body, oranges also help in keeping your skin naturally healthy and glowing. Before ending, an important advice to all orange lovers- try to consume the skin of oranges too as it has a rich quantity of vitamin C in particular.

Rich Quantity Of Vitamin C


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