Health Benefits of Olive Oil

The majority of diseases and illnesses in the body are caused due to one’s unhealthy lifestyle which primarily includes the wrong selection of food items in one’s diet. We generally tend to consume food which is high in its content of saturated fatty acids and which in turn leads to various problems like arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Olive oil comes as a perfect solution for these problems as it is rich in monounsaturated fat and antioxidants like carotenoids and vitamin E which in turn provides protection against high cholesterol and blood pressure. Thus, by including olive oil in one’s diet in place of saturated fats, one can ensure the smooth and healthy functioning of one’s heart and the entire body.

Along with aiding in the healthy functioning of the heart, olive oil is also beneficial for the optimum functioning of one’s stomach. Olive oil is well tolerated by the stomach and it helps in the healthy functioning of the digestive system due to its property of keeping the level of HCl low in one’s body. It thus helps in the protecting against gallstone formation, gastric ulcers and against constipation. Since olive oil contains a high content of Vitamin E, it also helps in fighting against premature aging thereby keeping one young forever.

Olive oil has also shown its beneficial value in case of effective cancer fighting ability. According to researchers, including olive oil in one’s diet can help in prevention against colon and breast cancer. It has been found that when oleic acid is combined with drug therapy, it encourages in the self-destruction of aggressive cancerous cells. In addition, olive oil is also beneficial for people with high blood sugar as it helps in preventing and even treating diabetes.

Looking at so many health benefits of olive oil, one should make it a point to include it daily in one’s diet so as to remain healthy, hearty and happy.

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