Health Benefits of Nutmeg


Along with being a tasty spice and a culinary delight, nutmeg has various health benefits. The benefits of nutmeg are known since ancient times and it has always been perceived as a healing herb. Its benefits range from lowering blood pressure to soothing the stomach region and also detoxifying the body. The oil obtained from nutmeg seed is also widely used and recognized for its medicinal properties. Given below are various health benefits of nutmeg and nutmeg oil.

Nutmeg is found to be extremely useful for the treatment of stomach and digestion related problems like gastroenteritis, dysentery, vomiting, indigestion and bloating. Nutmeg is known to have ant-inflammatory properties and can thus be used for the treatment of joint and muscle pains. You just need to massage the nutmeg oil on the affected areas for immediate relief. If you are wondering about ways by which you can stimulate your brain and even improve the quality of your dreams, then nutmeg oil can prove extremely effective. It is considered as a brain tonic which helps in removing mental exhaustion and stress. Use of nutmeg oil also helps in improving concentration thereby leading to higher efficiency and greater performance.

The benefits of nutmeg are not limited to brain stimulation and digestion improvement. It also helps in treating blood pressure along with increasing blood circulation. It is considered as a healthy tonic for your heart as it keeps your cardiovascular functioning under check. Additionally, you can get relief from your menstrual cramp with the help of nutmeg. Also, nutmeg oil is often used in a number of cough syrups due to its ability to naturally treat cough, cold and even asthma. Thus, nutmeg is an important herb which is not only beneficial for culinary purposes but also carries loads of health benefits with it.

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  • William Tiltman

    I am 64 years old and I’ve been researching various herbs-vitamins-minerals etc. for a few years now. I just recently discovered that nutmeg is very beneficial. Can you please tell me how much I should take daily, and how much…if any amount is harmful? I am now putting some herbs into ’00’ gel caps for convenience. Also, is the nutmeg in grocery stores OK or should I source out a more quality product?
    Thanks in advance…