Health Benefits Of Milk

Benefits Of Milk

Benefits Of Milk

Hey girls and guys, you all will be happy to read that long ago, milk has been glorified as wholesome balanced diet. It suits all age groups as an ideal supplement. Apart from being a rich source of good quality protein it contains calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin and many essential amino acids. You will be glad to know that our body utilizes only 30 percent of protein from cereals but as much as 60 percent of the milk proteins.

Do you know that sipping cold milk in small amounts provides almost instant relief from acidity and peptic ulcers? Isn’t that great news? Milk boiled with 5-6 long peppers checks catarrh, asthma, cough, allergies and also helps increase lung stamina. Also, this preparation checks the formation of gas in the body.

Milk Boiled

A generous dose of gulkand or ishabgol taken with hot milk before bed time relieves constipation. Bananas and milk together form instant energizers and also have the potential to increase vigor and vitality. Have a glass of banana shake everyday to feel energized! I am sure many of you would love its taste.

Bananas And Milk

Raisins soaked in diluted milk when consumed with honey boost sharpness of vision and also help to strengthen the functioning of the heart. You can also drink combination of water and raw milk to relieve any burning sensations that you may experiencing during urination.

Raw Milk

You all will be happy to read that ayurveda had recommended the regular consumption of ghee and milk can arrest and even reverse ageing. Isn’t that great news guys? So what more you all waiting for? Just start drinking a glass of milk everyday.

Drinking a Glass of Milk Everyday

While boiling milk, add pinch of grounded turmeric and a pinch of black pepper powder, ginger powder to reduce the heaviness of milk and also to reduce any mucous causing side effects.