Health benefits of jaggery


Hey folks, do you know that a single chunk of jaggery is rich in number of nutrients. It is popularly known as gur to all of us. Believe me, it is a wonderful tablet that can cure you from niggling health problems like cough, asthma, indigestion, fatigue, migraine etc. so never ever think twice for eating this nutritious food.

You will be glad to read that a single small piece of jaggery helps in purifying your blood prevents mood swings. It helps in regulating one’s liver functions and preventing rheumatic afflictions. Always remember that regular intake of small chunk of jaggery in your diet helps in regulating your blood pressure and also helps in getting rid of the body toxins. So don’t think, just include this rich food in your diet for gaining all its benefits!

all in all for maintaining the optimum health, including jaggery in your diet especially in winters can be the best thing that you can do. Nutritionally, jaggery is a storehouse of nutrients like proteins, minerals, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, vitamins, potassium etc, which are very much required for the normal functioning of your body systems.

you will, be glad to read that consuming jaggery in winters helps in generating enough heat in the body, thus keeping you warm inside and warding off the cold temperature at the same time. In winter, there is a drop in our body temperature, and as a result we have to try harder to keep ourselves warm. Consuming jaggery not only provides you with much-needed energy but also keeps you warm. Great! Isn’t it?

So what more are you thinking now, just gorge on chikki made of jaggery and nuts or small chunk of jaggery itself and enjoy this chilly cold weather without getting affected from seasonal ailments.

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  • I am a man of 40 yrs of age and after having examined by blood pressure I am advised to avoid salt completely as far as possible or to consume salt added to vegetables while they are being cooked and not taking extra while they are served on the plate! I am a stauch vegetarian.I am ready to do that but salt contains iodine. Shall I not be iodine- defficient lly salt is looked down upon but if salt needs to be avoided where to get iodine and minerals from? Obviously from vegetables/milk. Hence please guide me regarding nutrition for me. My weight is 59kg. I have one more disorder regarding digestion. My digestive power is weak. I suffer from “Agni Mandya”.I can not digest heavy,pungent and oily foods.If consumed I have to go to latrine several times. Many times I pass sticky excretion. Even normally,I have to go to latrine rather often. I always feel worried about food. Will a particular food suit me?I have to think hundred times when I eat outside. I feel terrified when I eat restaurant food. I feel extremely depressed when I see many others enjoying oily and spicy foods and remaining healthy. My wife gets irritated due to my fussy attitude about food!
    This is my constitution. I also have “cough-prakruti”.I do regular exercise of 30 suryanamaskars,”baithaks”(sitting down and standing up quickly )(I dont know how to explain it English)

    Please guide me in detail regarding nutrition_foods to consume regularly and foods to avoid completely.

    Please read the sentence “shahall I not be iodine- defficient lly salt is looked down upon but if salt needs to be avoided where to get iodine and minerals from?” as “shall I not be idodine-defficient? Usually salt is looked down upon but if salt needs to be avoided where to get iodine and minerals from?”

    Awaiting fervently your kind and elaborate reply.


    Yours truly,
    Nand Dani