Health benefits of Indian gooseberry

The power of immortal fruit herb called as green amla or Indian gooseberry have got revered in our kitchens and in the field of ancient medicines of ayurveda in an every spiritual, cultural, physical and psychological way.It has been scientifically authenticated and recommended to combat the various modern lifestyle problems because of its vital, curative and preventive properties. It is a most potent and nourishing health food for people of any age group. It is such a wonderful fruit herb, if used on regular basis can prevent and alleviate both acute as well as chronic maladies.

Amla has haematinic and lipalytic functions and has been strongly recommended in Indian pharmacopoeia as a strongest rejuvenator for your body having 20 times more vitamin C than in oranges.

It is a wonderful anti-oxidant. It is clinically proved as a great anti-fungal, anti bacterial ad anti-viral substance. It is anti-mutagenic, anti-hepatoxic, anti-histaminc. It inhibits yeast formation, and provides you with anti-inflammatory effects.

Daily dose of amla can gives you anti-ageing effects and relive you from day-today stresses. It can detoxify your body systems effectively. Amla is a perfect way to boost your immunity and resistance system of your is a great revitalizer which thoroughly helps in reactivating your whole body system.

When amla is taken as a part of medicine, it helps in curing various digestive and liver associate ailments. It treats problems of constipation, gastric disorders, acidity, heaviness etc. it also rejuvenate your liver.

It also treats heart related problems to large extent, like blood pressure problem, checking your cholesterol level, heart weakness etc.

It increases protein syntheses and thus proves very useful in cases of hypoglycemia.

It helps in neutralizing the toxic conditions of your body that has resulted from the excessive intake of acid forming foods.

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