Health benefits of herbs

As summer approaches, make sure you replenish your kitchen stocks with the different variety of season’s herbs These herbs helps greatly in fighting against various ailments. List of some herbs are given below along with their health benefits.

Coriander leaves aids in digestion and provides relief in gas trouble. It lowers the LDL and soothes arthritic pain or other pains caused by inflammation. People suffering from low haemoglobin are advised to consume coriander juice as it increases your blood count.

Fennel is very effective in curing loose motions. It also treats gas-related problems. It controls inflammation. Fennel contains calcium and iron, so a daily dose of fennel along with carrot and tomato juice can prove to be very beneficial for people who are anaemic. Fennel is also believed to fight against all kinds of cancers.

Usually rose water is used for cooling down your body. You can use it as an eye pack or for washing your face from dirt and dust. Rose is also used in aromatherapy as an essence for happiness.

It is known to be the best herb especially for women. It not only proves to be a refreshing rejuvenator but a great tonic for your body. It benefits in acidic problems and prevents water retention.

Neem is considered to be an excellent antiseptic which battles away various skin infections. It also cures urinary tract infections rapidly.

Application of sandalwood keeps the body perfumed and in cool state. It is utilized in preparing various beauty face packs.

Mint is a refreshing herb that has a cooling effect on body. It can used as mouth wash or mouth freshener. Mint preparations can have a therapeutic effect to the people having colic. As mint is diuretic in nature, it benefits in kidney disorders also.

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  • John

    Thanks for sharing this topic as many people do not aware of benefits of herbs as they always go for drugs/ medicine but after reading this post i am sure they know what are the benefits of taking herbs.