Health Benefits of Green Chilies

Health Benefits of Green Chilies

Health Benefits of Green Chilies

We generally associate a burning tongue and watery eyes with chilies due to their extreme bitter and spicy nature. Never mind if they bring some tears in your eyes as they can provide various health benefits to bring a smile of prosperity on your face. They are available fresh, dried, powdered, flaked, bottled and even pickled. Along with providing a spicy nature to your food, they also aid in enhancing your health. Read below to find out more details.

Who could imagine that the fiery hot nature of chilies could do anything more than burn your tongue. Well, they have a lot of health benefits as they are high in vitamins A and C and surprisingly, green chilies have more vitamin C per gram than oranges. They are excellent medicines for lungs as they act as decongestant and also help in dissolving blood clots. Chilies also help in reducing pains as after eating chilies, the brain releases natural opiates endorphins that reduce the pain and also affect emotions.

Green Chilies Have More Vitamin C

It is due to no small reason that chilies are considered as natural miracle food. A tiny chili can help provide the body with lots of beta-carotene- more than even carrot. Moreover, it can help provide relief from various problems like migraines, cluster headaches, sinusitis, and even arthritis. To add on to its benefits, chilies can also help prevent serious problems like cancers along with inhibiting the growth of leukemia and prostate cancer cells. The heating quality of chilies also intensifies the body’s metabolic activity thereby increasing its ability to burn calories and fats. Thus, eating chilies can also be beneficial for your figure.

Prevent Migraines

As seen from the above article, chilies are a great way of keeping healthy naturally and thus they should not be considered as mere tongue-burning element.


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    Thats why us desi’s eat chillis with every meal….somtimes we have a plate full of green chillies just to eat as snack….looks like we the ones with alot of vitamin c, vitamin a, and our body figurs are so great!

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