Health Benefits Of Dates

Health Benefits Of Dates

Benefits Of Dates

Hey girls and guys do you know that date is a powerhouse of energy and nutrients. The other name for this fruit is khajoor or chhuara. This Middle East fruit can help the skinny people to gain weight on their body. Date contains good amount of calcium, phosphorous and iron content apart from carotene, niacin and essential amino acids. Ayurveda consider date as a heat producing food. Read this article below to know more about the healthy effects of eating dates.

You will be glad to read that eating fresh dates on regular basis can cure emaciation. They help in building hemoglobin levels. Eating dates by tuberculosis patients can prove to be very beneficial as date’s acts as restoratives during the convalescence period.

Dates Cure Emaciation

Date when combined with milk makes an ideal and healthy breakfast for the people belonging to any age group. You will be glad to read that nutritive value of dates increases manifold if they are soaked in warm milk. In summers, prepare a shake with deseeded dates. It can prove to be an energizing thirst quencher.

Prepare A Shake Of Dates

Dates are extremely beneficial in checking the premature mission in young adults. They also check urine leakage and other urinary tract-related problems among the elderly as well as bedwetting kids.

Dried dates helps in strengthening the respiratory tract by liquefying the phlegm and relieving bronchial catarrh. Not only all this, but dry dates with milk can cure a dry throat and a hoarse voice. Isn’t that great guys?

Dried dates

People, do you know that eating dates regularly can effectively relive you from dry cough? This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend dates to the patents suffering from asthma.

Relive From Dry Cough

Being fire-rich, dates can counter constipation if consumed with milk. At the same time, they are capable of curing dysentery if consumed with yogurt.


  • RAJU

    I take 4 dried dates every day in the morning after boiling it with milk.

    Will this help me in controlling premature ejaculation.

    Pls. guide

  • RAJU

    Pls. guide on eating 4 dry dates after soaking it in warm milk.