Health Benefits Of Curd

Benefits Of Curd

Benefits Of Curd

A cup of fresh curd a day can help a great deal in keeping your mind and body healthy and fit. It has high nutritional value which provides numerous health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, lowering cholesterol, aiding digestion, and leading to strengthening of bones amongst others.

However, if you are a woman, then curd is even more beneficial for you. Given below are ways by which curd can keep a woman healthy and fit.

To begin with, curd helps in strengthening of digestive system thereby alleviating problems associated with stomach infection. Daily intake of fresh curd can suppress symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Additionally, it strengthens your immune system thereby providing you protection form various ailments. Here are some other specific benefits of curd for women.

Prevent Stomach Infection

Many women are troubled by the problem of vaginal yeast infection. According to research, women who consumed live curd had lower rates of infections. However, you need to be sure that the infection is caused by yeast and not bacteria as yogurt intake is beneficial for yeast infections, not bacterial ones. Other infections like urinary tract infections also get treated as well as prevented through yogurt consumption. Being rich in calcium, yogurt is extremely beneficial for strengthening of bones.

Strengthening of Bones

Women can be greatly benefited by yogurt intake as they are usually more prone to weak bones and osteoporosis than men. Thus, daily intake of curd ensures you have strong bones as your body gets desired amount of calcium and other important nutrients. People who have lactose intolerance are usually unable to provide their body with important nutrients.


Such people can be benefited through curd intake as bacteria present in yogurt breaks down the lactose before it enters your body. Having fresh curd every day can thus ensure you live a healthy, fit and a happy life.