Health benefits of coconut water

The water of tender coconut, technically the liquid endosperm, is the most nutritious wholesome beverage that the nature has provided for the people of the tropics to fight the sultry weather. It has a calorific value of 17.4 per 100 gm. the major constituents of coconut water are sugar and minerals along with some fat and nitrogenous substance. According to ayurveda-it is unctuous, sweet, promotes digestion and clears the urinary path. The various heath benefits of coconut re listed below:

Coconut water
is very effective in treating intestinal disturbances in infants. It kills intestinal worms.

Coconut water acts as an oral rehydration medium in case of dehydration.

External application of coconut prevents prickly heat and summer boils in body. It is also helpful in subsiding the rashes caused by small pox, chicken pox and measles etc. it helps in keeping the body cool.

Coconut helps in keeping check over urinary infections. It is very effective in treating kidney and urethral stones. Coconut water is a significant urinary antiseptic that helps in eliminating the poison in case of mineral poisoning.

Coconut water aids in absorption of drugs taken by you, making their peak concentration in the blood by their electrolytic effect.

Presence of saline and albumen in coconut water makes it perfect drink for people suffering from cholera cases.

Coconut water forms an excellent tonic for old and sick people who find it hard to digest solid and even semi-liquid foodstuff. Coconut water provides them various minerals and vitamins which they otherwise could not get. Coconut also helps in curing malnourished people by providing them the required doses of vitamins and minerals.

Remember coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It’s a fluid of life.

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  • Helen

    I love coconut water! I have been drinking it since I was a child in the Caribbean, but I had no idea of all these health benefits. We always used to joke it was why we were such fast runners andhad such beautiful skin. Even living here now in the UK I drink it everyday it keeps my skin nice. My favourite is Vita Coco, it’s the only one that does not have stuff added to it.
    Thanks for your informative article.

  • ismail

    i have started drinking coconut water daily after jogging i know its a good healthy drink but i personally feel that due to drinking of coconut water daily affect my sexual life.i find my self having erection that happen to me only or any other factor responsible for that pls guide me for that.

  • Raj

    i have started drinking coconut daily,i feel energitic..i keeps my body and mind in face was full of pumpils,now my skin is beautiful..i am enjoying drinking coconut water..

  • sanjay

    whether diabetic person can drink coconut water?

  • sonia jain

    I’m a big fan of tender coconut water. I have an atleast a glass of this water everyday on an empty stomach right after i get up in the morning. Just wanted to know what is the maximum quantity one can have in a day.

  • Rani

    diabetic and kidney patients needs to consult their Doctor and Dietician before consuming.

  • Sridhar

    Is it good for neurological disorders?

  • wura

    pls, just want to enquire if coconut water treats blemishes[like pimple] naturally. I’ve started to drink coconut water although i’ve not seen a physical change but i know deep down that it’s working real good for me. Thanks very much

  • neelam kalra

    you have provided good information on coconut i want to know that after opening the fresh coconut within how much hours it should be consumed and why?

  • my whole family including grand daughter like to have coconut water everyday

  • Dheerankur

    tender coconut water is really good for everyone, but its so good(nutritive) that it shouldn’t be taken every day. if taken every day then you might get hyper kalemia

  • Alok Choudhury

    Can I bottle coconut water and store same for couple of days. Please advise.


    Alok Choudhury

  • Alok Choudhury

    Can I start the day with a glass of coconut water.


  • iam budesh 26 year tq gadag dist gadag state karnataka