Health Benefits of Broccoli


An extremely popular vegetable, broccoli has high nutritional value and is thus helpful in the prevention of various diseases and ailments. It is a storehouse of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C amongst others. Moreover, it also contains important antioxidants to keep your body in a healthy state. Given below are some reasons why broccoli should be necessarily included in your diet.

Being rich in noteworthy nutrients like vitamin C, A, folic acid, calcium and fiber, broccoli helps in the overall enhancement of one’s health. For people who don’t consume diary products, broccoli can be a good substitute for providing calcium naturally to your body. Result will be healthy bones and healthy body.  Moreover, the various nutrients and minerals present in broccoli play an important role in prevention of cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, cataracts and even certain kinds of cancers. Research ahs found that broccoli has high anticancer properties and thus helps in providing the body protection from various cancers like lung, colon and breast cancer. It speeds up the removal of estrogen from the body thereby suppressing breast cancer. Being a good source of chromium, broccoli also helps in regulating insulin and blood sugar. In addition, broccoli provides prevents arthritis, osteoporosis due to its high calcium content. It also prevents Alzheimer’s and helps in curing problems like constipation and high blood pressure. Great news for people who want to reduce weight: Intake of broccoli through diet has also been linked with weight reduction.

It is advisable to consume broccoli in its raw form as heavy cooking and processing can destroy some of the important antioxidants and phytochemicals present in it. Thus preferably eat this vegetable raw or just indulge in light cooking. Thus, looking at the various benefits of broccoli, one should definitely include it in one’s diet for healthy living.

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