Health benefits of bean sprouts

Certainly bean sprouts are a storehouse of number of vitamins and minerals. Bean sprouts not just have a lovely fresh flavor but they are extremely good for your health too. The bean sprouts that are easily available for you in market to relish are generally the sprouted moong beans. But you can easily sprout aduki bens, alfalfa, lentils and soybeans at your home too.

Do you know that the sprouting process of beans not only increase the nutritive value of beans but also reduces its calorific value too. Sprouted beans increase the digestive enzymes which facilitates digestion process of your body. But before indulging into a sprouting process, make sure you allow that much amount of humidity and warmth which are needed for proper sprouting otherwise it could lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. Therefore Extreme hygiene and caution should be taken during sprouting process to avoid the food borne illnesses.

Beans contains significant amount of proteins, vitamin C and number of essential B vitamins which are needed by your body for proper functioning of various body system.

People who go on for dieting, beans sprouts serve their best purpose. Mind it, the bean sprouts forms the ideal food for calorie conscious people as beans are very low in calories and can be eaten without any dressing over it.

Beans sprouts a have an excellent flavor, can be eaten raw in forms in salads or between sandwiches.

You can even treat bean sprouts as a snack item that can be eaten at any time of day. But Make sure you use the sprouts soon after buying. Don’t keep them for long hours, they might taste sour. Go for firm sprouts which are green and yellow in color not the limp ones. Avoid the ones that are turning brown.

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