Health benefits of amaltas

Have you ever heard about very bright yellow flower- amaltas? Yes they are back in season again. The fruit of amaltas helps greatly in soothing your senses in many ways. In fact, not only the fruit but seed, pulp and root of amaltas have immense medicinal value.
Amaltas are prescribed as emetics, purgatives, febrifuges and relievers of thoracic congestion.

Amaltas also helps in reliving the symptoms of asthma, leprosy, ringworm, fever and heart related diseases.

The fruit of an amaltas acts as a safe laxative for pregnant women.

If you suffering from the problem of counter constipation, then soak 1 tsp of amaltas fruit pulp with 1tsp imli in one cup of water. Leave this for an overnight. Next morning, mash the same, in water. Remove the seeds, now strain and drink this solution. Drinking this solution for a month on regular basis can really cure you from constipation problem effectively.

If you suffer from acidity or flatulence, then believe me amaltas can do wonders for your body. Simply warm some amaltas fruit pulp to skin-tolerable temperature. Before turning in for the day, apply it in and around your navel area in circular motions in multiples of seven. Now massage well for about ten to twelve minutes. If you apply the same solution and effectively massage on the area for at least one month, your problem of acidity won’t take longer to get vanish away.

For treating the skin eruptions caused due to blood impurities, soak some amaltas fruit pulp and a small ball of imli overnight in a cup of water. Mash both of them well in the same water next morning. Afterwards strain, sieve through a muslin cloth and drink it up. Believe it; following this herbal regimen for at least a month can help greatly in eliminating your skin eruption problem as well as getting the glow on your skin.

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